EU Strategy 2012 for Corporate Social Responsibility

Ms Maria Castillo (Head of Office of the European Union to Hong Kong and Macao)

Mr. Peter Clever (President of the EU-China Follow-up Committee)

and German consecutive interpreter.

Alexander GRAF VON SCHWERIN, German Amalgamated Services Union (ver.di) in the German

Trade Union Confederation (DGB) and German consecutive interpreter.

11th meeting of China-EU Round Table in 2012 Between China Economic and Social Council (CESC) and European Economic

and Social Committee (EESC)

Nancy and Ms. Zhao Lifang, Deputy Division Director of Foreign Affairs Committee, CPPCC

Members from CESC and EESC

Nancy and French, German and English simultaneous interpreters

Booth for simultaneous interpreters

We understand that removing language obstacles is the prerequisite first step in meaningful dialogue, and our professional language experts have tremendous experience in building bridges between peoples of various nations. Our vast experience in both the public and private sectors give us significant insight into the market place and allows us to accurately predict our client’s needs, helping us to tailor our services on a meeting by meeting basis.

We can provide interpretation services and interpretation equipment suitable for your particular requirement:

  • Simultaneous Interpretation (Also known as Simtrans or Conference Interpreting)

Simultaneous interpretation is ideally for large meetings, conferences, or conventions where there is near-constant activity. During conference interpretation, language services are fulfilled by two or more interpreters working in shifts, matching the pace of current speakers, providing a single access point for anyone who requires that particular language. Unlike many translation companies, LingoNova uses only top of the line, premium quality interpretation equipment comprised of Bosch digital headsets and receivers, providing crisp, clear signals to all attendees. Even better, our interpretation equipment features a high-tech infrared distribution signal that is free of both bothersome interference and clumsy wires or cables.

  • Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation is performed when the presenter will say a few lines of speech and wait for the interpreter to repeat what was just said. This is often done with a single interpreter but for longer session it would be necessary for the interpreters to work as a team. Consecutive interpretation can be used in conjunction with portable or stationary whisper equipment or with general professional sound equipment. Consecutive interpretation is only effective when speaking to an audience comprised of one foreign language. This approach will at least double the time it takes to hold a meeting and breaks up the flow of the information. It is only recommended for simple training sessions, small meetings, educational presentations and topics of short duration.

  • Escort Interpretation

Occasionally clients need interpreters who can be mobile. Interpreters who walk along with the clients through trade shows, industrial facility tours, museums, historic sites and during diplomatic or humanitarian visits are called escort interpreters. These interpreters are generally very versatile and good with people. They try to represent their client as accurately as possible to make exchanges as natural as possible.