LingoNovas' localization team is composed of IT technicians, website designers, senior translators and certified project manager. Our software localization team has extensive experience in software solution and applications, master PC language and programming, thus can achieve customized localization projects promptly and accurately.

Our team can provide you with comprehensive website localization services. Whether it is Flash or Director, XML or SQL, ASP, PHP or JSP or even CGI, Java or Ajax, we can use all types of software and technology with your code to provide a website that is seamless and comprehensive.

Localizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as well as website content, makes perfect sense to increase web traffic. SEO is vital to the role of any online marketing executive, but how do you ensure that the search rankings are high in other countries?

LingoNova offers a number of services relating to SEO which can be used individually or as a packaged service. This is ideal for anyone who wants to maximize online presence in other languages and in new geographic locations.

Multilingual keyword research can be done in several ways: by translating your existing English keyword list or by creating a new keyword list using an English site as reference. What LingoNova does is identify the highest searched and more lucrative keywords that the website should contain, to ensure that it ranks highly in local search engines.

PPC campaign adverts

LingoNova translates Pay Per Click (PPC) adverts, to ensure that customers drive as much traffic as possible from other language sources to their website and their dedicated language-specific landing pages.

Long tail keyword validation

Google AdWords recommends being aware of long tail keywords that are not part of a PPC campaign, as these are vital to gaining quality customer referrals. If one does not have sufficient knowledge of the language, then there is a risk that money is wasted on words that do not convert. LingoNova can engage an experienced SEO linguist to review these keywords, to make sure that they will be effective.