LingoNova can provide you with high end, quality dubbing of the original material using the artist of your choice. This service produces end material that is ideal for presentations, training courses, video contents, clips for websites and messaging in telecommunication systems, such as greetings and prompts.

LingoNova will create a series of audio files based on the content provided by the customer, which is normally in MP3 or WAV file format. Many customers prefer to then incorporate the content back into their source material.

Customers are normally offered a selection of three artists to choose from. If the project is lengthy or phased over a long period, and continuity of an artist is essential, LingoNova can arrange to retain the artist for the duration of the project. LingoNova is also able to supply impressionists and background music to accompany the content.

Customers can always discuss their requirements with LingoNova to find the best solution.

If you wish to listen some of our dubbing sample, please click following play button.

    Mandarin (Female 01) Mandarin (Female 02) Mandarin (Male 01) Mandarin (Male 02) Cantonese (Female) Cantonese (Male) English (Female 01) English (Female 02) English (Female 03) English (Female 04) Japanese (Female) Korean (Female) French (Female) German (Female) Italian (Female) Spanish (Female) Thai (Female) Vietnamese (Female)

LingoNova is equiped with professional subtitling tools such as Time Machine, can provide customers with professional multimedia caption translations, including TV, video tapes, PC games, network applications and didactical CD/VCD/DVD format etc.