LingoNova currently has a freelance pool of over 1,200 translation and localization professionals who are both time- and project-tested. These professionals are networked through our LingoNova Project Management Suite (LPMS).

All LingoNova language experts must be native speakers of the language into which they translate. Most hold degrees in Technical Translation, Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, or related fields. Translators go through a three part testing process before they are allowed to work with LingoNova:

  • General translation test
  • Subject matter test
  • Technical proficiency test

All translators and translation teams, whether in-house or virtual, utilize computer-aided translation tools, execute non-disclosure agreements, and perform work in accordance with LingoNova's Quality Assurance Procedures and Security Policies and Procedures (SPP).

Knowledge – in depth and breadth

LingoNova's fields of knowledge cover many areas, but we are especially competent and have the most experience within the following fields:

  • IT and software
  • Medical equipment & Life Sciences
  • Technical & Mechanical
  • Finance
  • Legal

To ensure a good translation, it is crucial that the people working on your texts really know the subject, product and/or line of business. We are very mindful of this and always assemble a team of professionals equipped with the knowledge required to take proper care of your project.